Water Treatment

We supply high-quality water treatment equipment, all units are built with high safety and in strong materials from PVC to stainless steel.

Get a trouble-free water supply for your process.

A nanobubble by-pass with selectable flow capacity will feed system and building with nanobubbles at low flow and keep the UV system and

filters clean. This will also replace expensive and high maintenance internal brushes.

The adjustable reliefe valve to the right will open fully when selected pressure is reached and high water flow can pass.

The nanobubbles will also eliminate the water stand still issue in the building pipes that can hide salmonella etc. Periodically opening water taps within the flow range of the nanobubble generator will secure continous protection all year (once a year will be enough).

The nanobubble generators is inline and do not need external gas source. Below is a capacity table.

This can also be mounted in older systems.