Oxygenation with added oxygen, hydrogen or air. The capacity is 34 m3/h with a power consumption of only 300W plus air compressor 500W or Hydrogen generator 1000W. 

The difference between our Biowater generator and commonly used microbubble systems is quite large, microbubbles only have 3-5% oxygen transfer rate compared to 85-90% with Biowater. A microbubble capacity of 1000 m3/h is required for to match our 34 m3/h Biowater unit.

Used in conjunction with a louse skirt, the nanobubbles will be bound in the water for many weeks and the OH radicals that is formed will burst the salmon lice's internal organs with cavitation. The nanobubbles will also leave a film which covers the entire salmon and prevents salmon lice from attaching, prevents ILA and IPNV outbreaks and gill diseases. The nanobubbles will also keep nets and other parts of the cages free of biofilm and algae.

24VDC 300W

34 m3/h Single unit with below options