Nanobubble Firefighting

Supercharged water in

firefighting applications

Supercharged fire extinguishing water and foam (with extreme fire extinguishing efficacy) use N2 or CO2 nanobubbles for gas injection. Any extinguishing medium type as water and foam can be used. The gas nanobubbles is injected by inline nanobubble generators which needs to be connected to a gas source, as an example a 138-228 m3/h generator will use around 50 liter of gas pr. minute and a standard 50 liter CO2 gas cylinder will last around 6 hours. 

A nanobubble have around 400 times larger surface area than a microbubble and inside a microbubble approximate 1 million nanobubbles will fit. In another way, one ml nanobubbles covers a surface of 60 m2 and one ml microbubbles covers 0,12 m2. In addition to this nanobubbles have very low surface tension and will enter the tiniest cracks where normal water flows by. Nanobubbled water prevent corrosion in pressurized systems and will also avoid formation of biofilm.

Supercharged water can be used in fire trucks, sprinkler systems, marine and offshore wherever

water is in the picture. 

A nanobubble generator is quite small and do not require power.

Below is listed the most important advantages:

1.  90 to 95% dissolved gas assisting in putting out fires.

2.  Nanobubbles have around 400 times larger surface than microbubbles.

3.  Nanobubbles have incredible low surface tension and will creep inside the smallest cracks.

4.  The nanobubbles will be mixed in on the fly and will not degrade over time.

5.  Washdown of contaminated areas can be done.

6.  Nanobubbled water is easily mixed with oils and make oil spill cleanup easier and also keep drains clean.

7.  Above also makes it possible to use water on oil fires.

8.  Corrosion resistant.

9.  10-15% increased heat transfer rate.

10. Nanobubbles prevents and removes biofilm and scaling in tanks, pipes and nozzles.

11. COnanobubbles is very efficient for chemical free cleaning and washdown, everything from inhouse, cars,

      industrial equipment, polluted areas etc. can be cleaned. The surfaces will also be disinfected.

Supercharged firewater is ideal for use in marine and offshore applications, both firefighting and cleaning after a fire will ease the workload and also be a huge advantage for the environment.

Supercharged firewater can also be used to wash down decks and drill floors, the waters ability to mix with oil and grease is unique and is much better than chemicals.

In addition all pipes will be free for biofilm, algae and corrosion.