Lake and open sea cleaning

Dirty rivers, lakes and open water areas is a increasing problem all over the world, by using our extreme capacity Biotunnel pollution can be drastically reduced by Far UVC, OH Radicals and Peroxyl Radicals.

The kill efficiencies of bacteria, mono-algae and protozoan (one celled paracites) reaches 100% within 3 seconds. As a perspective the IMO regulations for TiO2/UV based ballast water systems now require no holding time before dsicharge to open sea.

What is Far UVC

Far UVC is the first UV based product to provide continuous disinfection in farming, aquaculture and where people live, work and play - safely and effectively. Destroys aerosol pathogens (virus, bacteria, protozoan, prion, viroid and fungus) directly in the air. Equally effective for sterilizing surfaces. Is safe to use in any environment, no harm to people, animals or plants.More common bacteria as Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, and Staphylococcus aureus will also be killed.

Far UVC eliminate the need of de lousing and reduces use of antibiototica and prevents drug-resistant organisms and creation of super bugs, Far UVC is in addition more than 10 times more efficient than todays UVC. Used in water, issues like biofilm will be history in addition to a clean and healthy water supply.

222nm Far UVC vs 254nm UVC
The majority of UV treatment is performed with LPM UVC lamps at 254nm in medical, academic, and industrial fields. However, 254nm UVC lamps have potential drawbacks, such as the possibility of mercuryleakage, a short lifetime, and significant energy requirements, which limit their application and further development. In contrast, 222nm UVC excimer lamps have higher irradiance and stronger microbial killing effects with shorter irradiation time, and can overcome the various inferiorities of 254nm UVC lamps.

The disinfection effect of the 222nm excimer lamp is significantly stronger than that of the 254nm UVC lamp, as it requires 5–10 times less irradiance dose to achieve almost the same disinfection effect. This means that the 222nm excimer lamp achieves the same level of disinfection in a much shorter time compared to the 254nm UVC lamp. Additionally, a study found that the disinfection effect of the 222nm UVC excimer lamp on bacteria in different media varied slightly, with slightly longer exposure times needed for bacteria in TSB.

Biotunnel Hilights

1. ORP Transmitter secure full control of OH Radical production
2. Camera gives visual control of efficiency

3. High pressure POM fittings able to withstand 48 Bar water hammer

4. Ballast system with water depth sensor for easy depth control

5. 72.000 m² active optical film area

6. The kill efficiencies of bacteria, mono-algae and protozoan (one celled paracites) reaches 100% within 3 seconds.

Towing the unit in 5 knots through the water in different depths gives a faster and more efficient treatment than any othe tool on the market.

A complete unit like this becomes the world largest environment friendly UV reactor, capable of processing fearly large lakes in days and not weeks and months as other tools.

Processing 1.627.200 m3 pr/day

with only 960 Watt power usage