Hydrogen Generator

Excellent greene ozone alternative

For heavy duty water treatment requering extreme power, typical areas like food processing plants, sewage treatment, hospitals and lake cleaning is some areas. 

Areas like reservoars, agriculture and aquaculture will also benefit use of hydrogen enriched water.

BOD, COD, TTS and ammonia will be drastically reduced.

Below is a test with ozone gas which is less efficient than hydrogen

Below is a list of hydrogen (H2) generators that can be paired with our nanobubble generator range. 

    Full hydrogen generator range

VHG300                    300 l/h +/-10%

VHG700                    700 l/h +/-10%

VHG1000                 1000 l/h +/-10%

VHG1500                 1500 l/h +/-10%

VHG2000                 2000 l/h +/-10%

VHG3000                 3000 l/h +/-10%

VHG5000                 5000 l/h +/-10%

VHG7000                 7000 l/h +/-10%

VHG10000              10000 l/h +/-10%