Droner i vindkraft

Remote Drone Operations Simplified

Overseeing and controlling drone operations from a remote location has never been easier. Our software is a cloud based turnkey solution, enabling deployment in a few clicks, allowing you to manage everything, on a single web-based dashboard, for a seamless experience.


Intelligent Flight Planning

Intelligence at edge to autonomously fly the drone for vertical inspection, precisely around or along the object or infrastructure.

Live Fleet Control & Updates

Get live mission updates and video feed from the drone fleet. Manage multiple sites remotely using a single dashboard over 4G/LTE.

Cracks/Corrosion Detection

Harness the power of Computer Vision and Deep Learning to automatically detect anomalies and defects in the infrastructure.

Automated Reports

Select and deploy drones automatically to meet mission requirements. Generate data reports instantly over cloud.

Wind Turbine

The wind industry has grown at around 26 percent per year over the past 18 years, and by the year 2030 about 20% of our energy will come from wind turbines. To gain such kinds of energy, proper maintenance of the infrastructure throughout its 20 year lifetime is of utmost importance.

Cell Tower

The Cell Tower infrastructure and the people who maintain them are indispensable to keeping our 21st century lifestyle. Consistent inspection of each and every cell phone tower, keeps our systems running smoothly. The towers can face damages from bad weather, bird nests and beehives, etc.


Pipelines are vulnerable to damage by internal and external corrosion, cracking, third party damage and manufacturing flaws. If a pipeline carrying water leaks or bursts, it is a problem but it usually doesn’t harm the environment, but if a petroleum or chemical pipeline leaks, it can lead to an environmental disaster.

Radar controlled drones for bird dispersal

With a radar controlled drone, wind farms can be kept free of birds. The system consists of a fully automatic system with charging station, drone and radar. The system can be connected to a central control room where you can also make manual flights in the event of unforeseen events.


Below example from Smøla Wind Park is ringed into the inner circle and the outer circle shows the range of radar that is 6 km in radius, all birds with the size of 21 cm will be detected.