Birdlaser Standard


A new era in bird control

Birds cause billions of dollars worth of damage to crops and property each year. Spikes and netting are effective, but are very expensive and detract from the aesthetics of the building. Many other alternatives are not animal-friendly, ineffective, or disruptive to the environment. The innovative Birdlaser technology has proven to be a sustainable and lasting solution to bird problems.

How does Birdlaser work?

All Birdlaser products are equipped with very precise laser optics of 1000mW@1meter which produce a constant green laser beam to project a bright green 520 nm moving laser point. The moving laser point is perceived by birds as a physical object. When the laser beam comes close to birds, they fly away to avoid being hit.

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At sunset and sunrise, dust and fog particles in the air are illuminated by the laser beam, and the entire beam becomes visible. During these periods, the birds perceive the entire beam as a stick, and the entire length of the beam becomes effective.

Birdlaser has a range of 3000 meter and the efficiency varies with light and atmospheric conditions. 1000 mW lasers are ideal where there is a lot of sun.

All Birdlasers is supplied with 900mbps 802.11ac WiFi with 3km range, 4G/5G is possible for remote control

Birdlaser Standard

Birdlaser Standard is an automatic laser that is programmed according to fixed patterns.

High quality gear units gives a secure and efficient operation, the low weight of only 9,5 kg makes mounting easy without need of heavy duty foundations. The small footprint gives high safety preventing wind tilting the laser housing up and down. This means that laser light will be kept inside given parameter. All objects within a distance of 2500 meters will be exposed to the laser beam so it is important to keep the safety in mind.

The laser is equipped with protection against corrosion and condensation protection which prevents internal condensation and
protects the electronics. The device is IP67 classified and can be used in many area.

Technical data:

1.  Laser power 1000mW@1meter

2.  Memory function after power failure, automatically return to the original state before power failure

3.  Protection IP67

4.  Built-in independent defogging and defrosting modules

5.  Built for continous operation

6.  Voltage stabilizer module for stable operation

7.  Six cruise tracks with 128 available presets in each tour

8.  Independent speed between each preset

8.  Autoreturn function

9.  One alarm output

10. Vibration dampener

11. Built-in memory card, up to 256G

12. Support GPS/ Beidou module, accurate positioning

13. Support two-way voice intercom

14. Shock absorption structure

15. Wiper on camera window

16. Position feedback

17. Impact resistance ≥4G

18. Galvanic corrosion protection, all screws is in titanium

Some areas of use