Birdlaser Off Grid


A new era in bird control

Birds causes damage to aquaculture locations each year. Birdnets are not very efficient and are expensive to buy and maintain. Mussel industry have huge problems with large flocks of eider ducks diving down and can decrease the harvest drastically. Our laser is very efficient, when the laser beam hits the water surface it splits up and the eider ducks experiences a large grey cloud surrending them under water. They see the grey cloud as a bird of prey hoovering over them and they leave the area.

Agriculture with flocks of gooses grassing the fields down to bare ground is a huge loss for farmers and a movable off grid BirdLaser unit will herd the birds to other locations, the birds will usually find fields where they can be left undisturbed and fertilize the soil and come back to fresh and healthy grass.

How does Birdlaser work?

All Birdlaser products are equipped with very precise laser optics of 1000mW@1meter which produce a constant green laser beam to project a bright green 520 nm moving laser point. The moving laser point is perceived by birds as a physical object. When the laser beam comes close to birds, they fly away as it is perceived as a bird of prey coming from above.

At sunset and sunrise, dust and fog particles in the air are illuminated by the laser beam, and the entire beam becomes visible. During these periods, the birds perceive the entire beam as a stick, and the entire length of the beam becomes effective.

Birdlaser has a range of 3000 meter and the efficiency varies with light and atmospheric conditions.

All Birdlasers is supplied with 900mbps 802.11ac WiFi with 3km range, 4G/5G is possible for remote control

Made for rough environment

Technical data:

1.  Laser power 1000mW@1meter

2.  Memory function after power failure, automatically return to the original state before power failure

3.  Protection IP67

4.  Built-in independent defogging and defrosting modules

5.  Built for continous operation

6.  Voltage stabilizer module for stable operation

7.  Six cruise tracks with 128 available presets in each tour

8.  Autoreturn function

9.  One alarm output

10. Vibration dampeners

11. Built-in memory card, up to 256G

12. Support GPS/ Beidou module, accurate positioning

13. Support two-way voice intercom

14. Shock absorption structure

15. Wiper on both windows

16. Position feedback

17. Impact resistance ≥4G

18. Galvanic corrosion protection, all screws is in titanium

19. Optional 5G WiFi router for remote access

20. Combopower 24VDC/230VAC@70Watt

Wind Power 1500 W


The standard setup is with a wind generator, 100 amp/h batteries and charge controller. Lower part of rotors will be approx. 2.5 meters above the ground.

Ideal for locations without electricity

Pre-configured and self-sufficient with all necessary equipment inside the unit.

Easy to set up

Level up the base, mount concrete slabs, extension, laser, wind turbine, guy wires, connect batteries and you are ready in a couple of hours.

Remote monitoring

4 and 5G ready for area surveillance. Laser can be switched on and off from web interface. Standard is high speed IOT Halow 802.11ah with 1km range.

Easy to transport

Heaviest component is 20 kg.


Designed for long life and use in harsh weather along the mountains and coast. With timer for 12 hours operation per day there is enough electricity for approx. 3 days without wind with two batteries, adding pairs of batteries capacity will increase 3 days for each pair of batteries. The 1500 W system is designed for to handle a 600Ah battery bank (12 batteries) which gives approx. 18 days running without wind. Average minimum wind speed required 3-4 m/s.