Birdlaser LRAD

Birdlaser LRAD


A Revolution in bird control

Birdlaser LRAD for locations with stubborn gulls

The effectiveness against seagulls only with laser can be poor in some places, especially in breeding facilities and boss facilities. With an attached LRAD (Long Range Audio Device), the unit will be effective against all birds.

How does Birdlaser work?

All Birdlaser products are equipped with very precise laser optics of 500-1000mW@1meter which produce a constant green laser beam to project a bright green 520 nm moving laser point. The moving laser point is perceived by birds as the shadow of a bird of prey and when the laser beam comes close to the birds, they fly away to avoid the danger from above.

At sunset and sunrise, dust and fog particles in the air are illuminated by the laser beam, and the entire beam becomes visible. In these

periods, the birds perceive the entire beam as a stick, and the entire length of the beam becomes effective.

Birdlaser has a long range and efficiency that varies with light and atmospheric conditions.

Artificial Intelligence

The LRAD is activated with artificial intelligence, when birds are detected the sound from birds of prey will scare the birds away.

Birdlaser LRAD

Birdlaser LRAD is an automatic laser with camera and bird of prey sound that sees and actively goes after the birds in the facility. Sound is only activated when the camera registers a bird in the facility. This device eliminates the problem of moving platforms such as for rafts in fish farms.

The units are IP66 classified and can be used in all imaginable areas of use.