Birdlaser Gyro


A new era in bird control

Birds cause billions of dollars worth of damage to crops and property each year. Spikes and netting are effective, but are very expensive and detract from the aesthetics of the building. Many other alternatives are not animal-friendly, ineffective, or disruptive to the environment. The innovative Birdlaser technology has proven to be a sustainable and lasting solution to bird problems.

How does Birdlaser Gyro work?

All Birdlaser products are equipped with very precise laser optics of 1000mW@1meter which produce a constant green laser beam to project a bright green 520 nm moving laser point. The moving laser point is perceived by birds as a physical object. When the laser beam comes close to birds, they fly away to avoid being hit. The gyro balances the laser to it`s original perimeter and maximum deviation is 44 cm at a distance of 500 meter. 


The gyro unit can be loaded with any type of load for any kind of purpose that require a stable platform. 

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At sunset and sunrise, dust and fog particles in the air are illuminated by the laser beam, and the entire beam becomes visible. During these periods, the birds perceive the entire beam as a stick, and the entire length of the beam becomes effective.

Birdlaser has a range of 3000 meter and the efficiency varies with light and atmospheric conditions. 1000 mW lasers are ideal where there is a lot of sun.

Some technical data:

1.   The gear housing and laser/camera housing will be built in composite materials, probably carbon fiber.

2.   Direct driven servomotors will be used which prevents backlash in gears.

3.   The weight will be around 20kg, the smallest available gyros is from 50kg and up.

4.   IP grade 65.

5.   No aluminum or other materials that can cause galvanic corrosion will be used.

6.   Vibration dampener wil be used at bease frame.

7.   Window wipwe on both windows.

8.   Termic insulation of laser/camera housing.

9.   Design top load is 0-10kg, this can easily be changed for other purposes.

10. AI detektion 800 meter.

11. Thermal camera. 

12. Scanning within a given parameter independent on laser position.

13. Laser will scan the area until birds is detected and automatically point the laser at them until they are gone.

14. Certification CE, EMC, RoHS, UL, FCC, FDA.

Below is a preliminary drawing of the Gyro unit

the finished product will be very different from this