Autonome Droner


Fully automatic UAV solutions for use where monitoring, detection and operations from the air are necessary for simple and safe operation.

Our UAVs can be operated manually, via tablets and local PCs or from a central control room. The desired route is entered and the drone carries out the mission, returns to the base and sets itself to charge and is ready for the next mission after charging, a UAV can cover several locations. Saved routes can be used again with a single button press or sent out when the camera or timer is activated.


The UAV is an industrial UAV in IP 54 built for harsh environments with security and surveillance, search and rescue, cartography and agriculture and aquaculture as areas of use. They can be equipped with a parachute for safe use.



Utstyrt med et multispektral kamera kan tilstanden til området verifiseres og eventuelle problemer kan oppdages på et tidlig tidspunkt. Kameraet vi bruker er spesialtilpasset for å detektere algeoppblomstring, maneter og andre organiske materialer i vann og sjø.  Områder vi har testet ut er spredning av alger, trending, områder av bio invasjon og alvorlighetsgrad.

We are also in the final stages of a scientific research project for the use of quantitative measurement to identify and evaluate both the number and density of jellyfish.



Seagulls are the biggest problem to get away from locations, we have experienced that seagulls in some parts of the country respond poorly to lasers, this is especially true in breeding facilities in the feeding phase, garbage facilities and elsewhere where food is readily available. For these locations, a UAV solution or Birdlaser 1000mW has proven to be effective over time.


Loudspeaker for facilities with a bird problem, the unit can be used with pre-stored sound or with a handheld transmitter.

Areas of use:

Mapping and surveying - Inspection of power lines - Firefighting - Traffic monitoring - Tools to keep large areas bird-free - Digitized agriculture - Aquaculture - Search and rescue work - Harbor monitoring - Early warning of algae blooms

Airborne Early warning of algae blooms and jellyfish

Below image is a scan from Lake Erie where hyperspectral data collection has been used since 2015, the camera equipment is built as a complete unit with GPS/IMU with Geotagging, Geocorrection for possible camera tilt and data collection. Analysis software is included in the package.

The hyperspectral camera is combined with the Skylle 1550 drone, which gives a flight time of almost an hour.

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise

Areas of use:

Ideal for use in agriculture with a heat-seeking camera to locate deer calves before harvest and searching for lost animals, with a loudspeaker it can also be used to keep birds away from crops.

In breeding facilities with a bird problem and elsewhere where there are problems with birds.

DJI M300 RTK with Zenmuse H20T

Areas of use:

This has a large area of use in all fields, with a speaker it is an extreme tool against birds with a range of 500 meters and 25W 130db speaker.

Ideal in the fight against large birds that crow in breeding facilities. Compatible with the drone garage above.

DJI M600 Pro

Areas of use:

Workhorse at a not too great cost. This has a wide range of applications in all fields and is a good alternative for high loads.

Fully automatic charging with our weatherproof drone garage.

Test of Norwegian raptor sounds against seagulls on industrial buildings

at Sandnes in Rogaland.